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Anna Maria Holmberg, MChiro

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Anna Maria  Holmberg, MChiro

Anna Maria first discovered chiropractic at 14 when she suffered a disc injury while competing in athletics. Having seen the benefits of treatment, chiropractic became a regular part of her training regime. The combination of treatment and rehabilitation allowed Anna Maria to continue doing athletics, handball, football, skiing and regularly exploring the mountains of her home country of Norway.

After completing the “Sports-line” (a modified science and sport program for promising high school athletes) Anna Maria decided that she wanted to be able to help others achieve their full potential through chiropractic the same way she had.

Anna Maria completed 6 years of education in Spain and then Wales, where she graduated with a Masters of Chiropractic degree. Since graduating Anna Maria was selected for the inaugural Chiropractic research internship in collaboration with Arthritis Research UK. Her research has since been presented at the British Chiropractic Association conference and is being written up to be published in 2019. Anna Maria has also completed many courses in different techniques and treatments including; the hands-on learning required to be an internationally certified sports chiropractor and is completing the training to progress to full membership of the Royal College of Chiropractors.

Anna Maria believes in looking for the root cause of any issue and utilises a strong foundation of rehabilitation, alongside in clinic treatments, to help people take back control of their health and get back to doing what they love.

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